Monday Marketing: Facebook




Facebook is one of the biggest social media outlets out there. If you are not marketing, you are missing a valuable opportunity.

Two types of Pages:

There are two types of pages on Facebook: Personal and Business. No, you don’t have to have both. I do though. And here is why…

On my business page I post events I will be attending, festivals where I will be selling my books, author visits to schools, new releases, book trailers, some of my writing journey. I don’t bombard people with all my private life here, unless it overlaps my writing life.
On my personal page you are going to get everything.  Pictures of my children and fur-babies. *yes, my dogs are my furry children*, what is going on in my life, community, how much I miss NY, heart awareness (deal with it),  and anything else I can think of without getting too personal.   🙂

I do promote my books on my personal site too though. Cross-posting can be beneficial, especially if you don’t have some people on your ‘fan’ page, but they are friends with you on Facebook. AND if they are like me, they have a lot of friends. So any posts I do include on my personal page won’t clog up their news feed.

Host an Event

If you want to get special attention for something, try hosting an event. I’ve seen people do give-aways, book launches, raffles, family reunions, all sorts of things.


Are you using Facebook as a promotional tool? Let me know what you are doing and how it is going!

Happy writing!

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6 thoughts on “Monday Marketing: Facebook

  1. I had talked myself out of publishing my author page. Now I’m not sure. I have it ready to go. I read where someone said they’re not beneficial. *thumps desk* Sheesh. I just wanna write, you know? Thanks for this, Tracey! *waves peace sign*

  2. I have a personal FB account and an author page only because it was recommended that i have one. I often find myself wondering if it served any good. I guess time will tell once I’ve established myself as a author. But I think how much you get out of it depends on how much you put into it.

  3. I think it’s a little redundant, personally. But then again I rarely ever post personal stuff about my children, no pics, what I had for dinner last night, etc. I like the interaction with others. I AM me and I am an author. It’s all one in the same. So my personal Facebook page IS my “author page.” Call me weird, but that’s how I currently see it for myself. I do think book trailers are helpful and beneficial, and even more than book trailers, Facebook, or even a blog, is a website. It’s crucial. Anyway, that’s my take on it. And thanks for the info, Tracey!

  4. Christie, Thanks for your thoughts. I totally agree that a web site is crucial. You have to have a presence online. Editors & agents do look to see out web presence & how we carry ourselves.

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