Tuesday Tips: 4 Facebook Tips

Last Monday I talked about marketing with Facebook. Today I thought I would give you 4 ways to utilize Facebook for your marketing needs.

4 Facebook Tips

I utilize Facebook more than most social media outlets. Why? I guess it suits my tastes more. I have friends that LOVE Twitter. I have friends that use Tumbler. (something I haven’t even touched yet.) I like the versatility that Facebook offers and the fact that I can create and invite people to different things and not aggravate everyone on their newsfeed. All this is a plus for me.

Do you use all the features on Facebook?
Have you had a successful event?
What groups do you think are a necessity?
What are your other ideas? I’d love to know what you think!

Happy writing!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips: 4 Facebook Tips

  1. Tracey,
    I don’t think I know how to use all the features on Facebook, but I use many of the features. I use Linkedin some, too. You seem to know how to do many things on the social sites. That’s good. I wish you well on your writing and marketing.

  2. Patricia,
    Thanks. There is a lot, isn’t there?! I’m learning & hoping others will learn too. There are so many opportunities to share our work & help others with theirs also.
    Happy writing!

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