Tuesday Tips: 7 Google+ Tips and Hints

Hi everyone.

Sorry for the month long hiatus.
I want to pick up where I left off with Google+. I had stated that Google, being the giant that it is, makes it almost a necessity to have a Google+ account. That being said, it is a great asset for your smo and to get your brand out there to the public.

Here are a few tips I created to help tackle the Google Giant:


7 Google+ Tips and Hints

Again I want to say… Give it a try. There are so many avenues out there. See what works for you and you just might surprise yourself in the process.

Let me know how you use Google+
What have you found the most helpful?
Any tips you know about communities? Finding friends? Creating fantastic lists? How about those videos?

Have fun Googling!
~ t

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips: 7 Google+ Tips and Hints

  1. Nicole, I hate that you gave up. Google+ does have a lot to offer. I will confess though, I’m not on there nearly as much as I am on FaceBook. I think it can be important asset to marketing though. Good luck! Tracey

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