Monday Marketing: YOUTUBE *video killed the radio star*

Today I’m talking about Marketing with VIDEO.

Yes, video!

What better concept to get your message across. Let’s face the facts. MOST PEOPLE ARE VISUAL LEARNERS. This means a picture is worth a thousand words.  (which makes me sad… I’m an author! I live on words.) You can tell someone something (directions/recipes/variations of color/yadda yadda), but if you SHOW them… It clicks!

Think of other social media. Sure you read peoples status updates, but the ones with pictures will grab your attention faster. Right? RIGHT! The ones with videos on how-to or something funny last with you longer. Right? RIGHT! This is one reason why Pinterest has blossomed like it has. It works with pictures.

THEN ADD GOOGLE TO THE MIX! Yep, I said it. Google is the #1 search engine and if you load your videos onto YouTube (which is #3 search engine, btw!!!) You  will get tones of hits. Because Google owns YouTube. PLUS, PLUS, PLUS YouTube has made it so easy to add categories and tags to your posts to make them easier to find. THUS enriching your seo!

But I don’t know how to make a video. What kind of equipment do I have to buy?
Do you have a smartphone? Here’s a quick and simple video I did for an example:


Another option is using your Google+ account and making the most out of Google+Hangout On Air.



Using videos will only add to your search engine optimization. It is a total Win situation.

You don’t have to be on camera either. There are tutorials such as power point, book trailers, interviews, and so on. BUT by being on camera, your customers, followers, and others in your field will be able to get to know you more, such as your mannerism, voice, smile, sarcastic remarks. They will begin to trust you more because their is the “PICTURE” of you right there in front of them.


Let me know what you think. What ideas have you seen worked? What else would you like to know about video? I’d love to hear from you.

Now get out there filming!

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6 thoughts on “Monday Marketing: YOUTUBE *video killed the radio star*

  1. I’m glad you are talking about some of these things. I don’t know how to do some of them. Of course you do have to have the equipment. Sometimes, I don’t have the things you need. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Patricia. I’m glad you’re getting some great information from my posts. If you have a web cam out a smart phone with a camera that can take videos, you can do this! I’ve been experimenting a lot. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Tracy,
    I’ve found other free sites (with the optional paid version) where you can do slideshows and animated videos where you do voice overs. They are:,, and Powtoon has animation. Also computers usually come with software built in (like iMovie or MovieMaker) where you can record yourself and upload to YouTube. I’ll pass on any free more free sites I find about video.

    When I get my illustrations from my publisher, I’m going to make my book trailer on You get 30 seconds free there and book trailers should be short!

    I agree with you on video. We as writers have to keep up with this crazy, changing writing world!

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