Tuesday Tips: 3 Tips to Tackle a Writing Challenge

3 Tips to Tackle a Writing Challenge


WOW! Is all I can say. We had over 50 participants to sign up for SUMMER SPARKS!!!!!!!!

*throws confetti*

THANK YOU! I hope you are as excited as I am. AND I hope you get more than 14 story sparks out of this writing challenge.

BUT the dread can come into play. I know, I know.

*Can I do this?

*What if I get stuck?

*Am I a failure?

The answers are simple!

YES, you can do this!

Read other posts. Go to the fb group page and ask questions.

NO! You are not. Even bad writing is writing
and it will take you to better writing. There
is a journey we all go through!

So, take a deep breath. Ease into the writing prompt and enjoy your self and your writing journey.

I have found to be organized helps me and I’ve created a tip sheet to help you along…

3 Tips to Tackle a Writing Challenge

The main thing is to try not to force something. Or at least it is with me. I know when I try to force ideas, sequence, flow, or whatever I get stuck. Then nothing gets accomplished, with the exception of me being frustrated.


Do you have some more great tips to add?
What do you look for in challenges?
What’s the best thing you get out of taking challenges? Writing deadlines? New friends? New material to work with?

Thanks everyone. Looking forward to this challenge and getting through the rest of the year with new material!


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