#summersparks 12: Persistence by Donna McDine


Summer SparksPersistence
by Donna McDine


How can one word invoke a floodgate of emotions? Words are indeed powerful. As a writer persistence is pertinent in establishing a long lasting career, as well with any career choice, school, music, sports, etc.

Honing one’s writing skills through workshops, conferences, critique groups, reading, writing and editing consistently moves one forward to receiving the almighty acceptance through a sea of declines (I know the industry word is typically “rejection” but I prefer the not as harsh sounding word as decline).

Don’t allow discouragement seep into your thoughts, which often times makes room for stalling in mid-sentence of your creativity. Keep the persistence going for your hearts desire with positive affirmations that you are giving voice to what enriches your soul.

A few affirmations I follow on a daily basis…

  • What you expect, you fulfill. Think of yourself as a writer who will publish, and often, who will be respected and read, who will have financial returns for your writing investment.”
  • You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” ~ George Horace Lorimer


Your persistence will pay off in the long run don’t give up!


Donna McDine


Donna McDine is a multiple award-winning children’s author. She writes and moms from her home in the historical hamlet Tappan, NY. McDine is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators.  

Donna is the author of the following books:



Find Donna McDine:



Spark Writing Prompt


She hoped and prayed the audience didn’t see through her lies as she made her way to the stage for her speech…


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58 thoughts on “#summersparks 12: Persistence by Donna McDine

  1. I definitely like decline better than rejection – and persistence is so important in any area – but especially publishing. Pushing on with the rest of ya! 🙂

  2. It takes time. Time to write, time to revise, time to research houses and submit, time to receive a response, time to hone your craft. It took me 7 1/2 years to receive my first book contact and, on average, I beat the norm. Lots of rejection. Lots of persistence! 🙂

  3. if a book is good, it doesn’t mean every publisher is willing to take it.Even Rowling had trouble marketing the first Harry Potter book.

  4. Thank you one and all for visiting with me today! Kit, Donna S., Kirsti, Kristi, Christine, Linda, Janet and Pat. It’s difficult to be one’s own cheerleader, but it’s worth it! 🙂

  5. Love, love, love the idea of going to bed with satisfaction. A great daily goal. Thanks, Donna, for the “think I can” persistence push. And love to hear those kinds of details Tracey as to the degree of persistence necessary. Thanks both.

  6. Sometimes that 15th rewrite of the first chapter (or the whole novel) can be disheartening. I find that BIC (and a piece of chocolate) are the only thing getting me started. But, I actually do like revising–I’m just assuming I’m making it better!

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  21. I’m still hanging in there… two of my favorite quotes that talk about persistence and keep me going are:

    The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other comes from a strong won’t.
    ~ Henry Ward Beecher

    Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
    ~ Albert Einstein

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