Marketing Monday: School Time + Author Time = LEARNING STUDENTS

School time + Author time = LEARNING STUDENTS




It’s that time of the year again…

  • Freshly sharpen pencils
  • New notebooks
  • Books being cracked open for the first time

Yes, I get excited this time of the year. And no, it’s not because my child goes back to school. Although the whole “we have a schedule” is an added bonus. I get excited because this is my busy time. Time for me to…

  • open my planner
  • email TONS of media specialist in my state
  • make sure my website is up to date and has all my pdfs ready
  • go to school and talk about writing


My next block of blog posts will be covering this topic.

WHO to contact to schedule visits?

WHAT is an author visit?

WHEN should you hold an author visit?

WHERE can you hold an author visit in your school?

HOW to prepare for an author visit? (author and school)

WHY should you invite an author to visit your school?

PLUS any other nuggets I can throw into the mix!

I also plan on compiling a list of authors and illustrators who offer author visits (in person and online).

So keep coming back, sign up for updates on my blog —->

And encourage your local schools to book an author!


Drop me a comment!!!

*Leave me your information if you are an AUTHOR or ILLUSTRATOR that would like to be included on my list. I will need your NAME, WEBSITE, and STATE YOU LIVE IN.
*Got a question you would like to ask about AUTHOR VISITS? Ask below.
*Is there some part of  the author visit YOU would like me to include? Put AUTHOR VISIT TOPIC  in the comments with what you want to see covered.

Can’t wait to read what you have to offer and I hope to help some of you along the way.


24 thoughts on “Marketing Monday: School Time + Author Time = LEARNING STUDENTS

  1. Another excellent contact person for school visits is the PTA. They often schedule and write the checks for author visits. PTA s are mom driven so they’re a great point to start at.

  2. Terry, I agree. New York is more PTA driven. Georgia likes is to contact Medora specialist. You have to find out what works in your area. I’m hoping to add another resource out there to help encourage school visits.

  3. I find Skype Author Visits offer a far larger range of schools, libraries and classrooms – not to mention book clubs and church events etc Happy to write an article on this if you are interested. Take a look: You are only limited by the World’s time Zones. I have Skyped in the US, as well as India, New Zealand, and Casablanca! Others I had to turn down, because even I will not get up at 2am for a School Visit. . . picky of me, I know!!! 🙂

    Books for Kids – Skype Author Visits

  4. I am a literacy coach at a school. I usually make my first contact at a school with the principal and ask him/her who would be in charge of an author visit for his/her school. Sometimes it is the principal, sometimes the media specialist, sometimes even the literacy coach. I was directed to the school’s PTA once so far.
    It is all a matter of where the visit is being funded from usually.

    I love doing author visits and would love to be added to your list. My website has all of the information under my “Author Visit” tab. Website:

  5. Hi Terry, thanks for this post. I am interested in doing school visits. I did one last year, a Literacy Night, and hope to do more Author visits. I live close to half a dozen districts and I think each one handles it differently. I want to try Skype visits, like Margot Finke, too. Sign me up! Thanks much, Penny (

  6. FYI… so excited. I have two Skype author visits today with Durham District School in Canada. One in the am and one in the pm. Yippee 🙂

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