~ Happy Halloweenie ~ and a Spooky Recipe for Writers by Tracey M. Cox


It’s Halloweenie and it’s time for writers to have a magical spell!!!!

It’s October 31st and I thought why should the kiddies have all the fun?!? I looked over some of my articles I had written over the years and I came upon a secret spell. One just for writers.

WHAT?!!!? you say. There are no magical spells to help writers?!!!?

Well, I beg to differ. *sly smile* See there are certain ingredients you can add, mix them together, and you have a sure fire way of honing your craft and becoming a better writer. See, I stumbled upon this one dark and stormy night…


… The crazed face, masked by the glowing embers, could not be of an ordinary writer. No, only one who had gone mad. A swirling cloud of smoke erupted from the large black pot as the writer flung out her arms. She shook a fist at the ceiling. “You said there was no such thing. Thought you could hide it? HA! You were wrong. Do you hear me? I’ll show you.”

Turning to the table the writer snatched up a worn tattered book. “The recipe? I found THE recipe,” she calls out to no one and everyone.

One yellow page turns after another. Finally her finger rests below a name. Her laughter echoes off the walls sending spiders and rats scurrying. “Waaahahahaaaaaaa. ‘How to Write Children’s Story and Get It Published…”

With a clash of thunder, lightning flickered an eerie glow on the room. The wind howled has it increased.

“…Bits of pencil lead, gallons of tears and sweat.

A character in trouble, an ending they can’t forget.

Dashes of plot twist to turn readers loop de loops.

Throw in a CWIM book and names of writer chat groups.

Conference notes, newsletters, an editor’s ear.

Bubble, boil, simmer and rejections you’ll never fear.

Let it cool off for a week, two, or three.

Add your critique group to point out what you didn’t see.

Five heaps of patience, determination, and trust as the words you pluck.

Rewrite, revise, then send it off and…Good Luck.”


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