PiBoIdMo Day 4-6… by Tracey M. Cox


Getting It Going…

Waaaaah? Has it already been almost a week since we’ve started? WOW! I really am enjoying each post. I always find something inspiring and another kindred spirit. BUUUUUT the big question is how are you doing on your ideas? Have you got a few? Six? More?!!!? Me… I have three so far. Yes, three. *sigh* I think I have brain rot. hahahaha! I’m not sweating it though. I know my writing process and I know when NOT to push myself. It will come. 🙂 Here’s what I’ve gotten out of the past three days…

Day 4
Never Give Up

TrainEven  if we feel like we have failed… We have still tried. Things happen, dreams and goals seem out of reach, and you become unsure. That is when you dig deep and pursue. I know you’ve heard, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”. This is so true with us writers. Even when you get published you haven’t reached your goal. There are so many levels to continue on.

Day 5
Steps to Inspiration

stepsWhat are the secret steps to inspiration??? Big hint… There isn’t any. *sigh* I wish there were. I would be on “idea #6” today for sure then. hahahha. BUT there is something, and it deals with you. Everyone has their own journey, their own way of writing, their own spurts of inspiration. You have to decide what your is and work with it.  I have found when I try to push things, I only bottle them up. It’s horrible and I become miserable. By letting things flow freely, I’ve become a better writer and am more open to the experiences I have and how I can work them into my writing. Everyone has their own way.


Day 6
Character Development


Adding spice to your character is key to great writing. No one want to read about a character that has one layer. Even in picture books we love to see the main character struggle, grow, and overcome. By adding layers to your character, you add interest. Your readers will care more about them and their situations. Plot and structure are important, but character development is key to having a reader fall in love with your writing.

So that’s my take on the past three days. What have you been getting out of it?

Let me know what you think about character development and how you interweave it into your stories.
What steps do you take to become a better writer?
Have you ever thought about throwing in the towel?
I would love to hear from you!

Until next time…
Happy Writing!!!

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3 thoughts on “PiBoIdMo Day 4-6… by Tracey M. Cox

  1. Layering is important.
    I have a ms where the mc is looking for pecans to make pie and brittle. Here’s my original layering:
    1) mc wants pie
    2) mc has to find pecans to make pie
    3) pecan facts interwoven into story
    4) back story (brief) of family
    I had so many near misses on this story! Then an editor asked if I had ever thought of adding another layer and suggested adding.
    5) Count by 5s to 100.
    I probably could go even deeper, if I had word count enough. heehee. Short, sweet picture books. If it was a mid grade, I could have gone into why Poppa planted the trees more. Where was the mother? Did Tabitha live with Nanna or was she visiting? Nanna’s knowledge of how to get things done.
    Yep, layering is important. 🙂

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