PiBoIdMo Day 7-9… by Tracey M. Cox




Hiccups In the Road

What happens when you get thrown off track? When the wind is taken out of your sails? When the world doesn’t make sense?

You take a pause. You gather your loved ones close. You try to make sense of this crazy world.

Last Friday, I found out one of my best friends died. Unexpectedly. Just poof. He’s gone. His wife and children are devastated, his friends are devasted, and the world kept turning. I stopped writing, trying to come up with ideas. Honestly, I hadn’t read a post since then. I’ve spent this weekend regrouping. Taking time with my family. Letting my mind come back to normal.

But this morning I woke up itching to get back into PiBoIdMo. I dropped Son#3 off at school and came back home to work a little.

I’m sharing this with you to let you know that even with 30 Ideas looming, things happen… good and bad. If you need to take a break? TAKE IT! Don’t feel guilty. You’re a writer… you’ll write.

Now I’m playing catch up. 🙂 That’s okay. I have two days to work on, plus today’s post. So this is what I’ve gotten out of it so far…

Day 7
Idea Generator


Don’t be afraid to be silly. Cut a piece of paper into small strips. Write a word on each piece. Use different categories like… People, places, things, holidays, and actions. Put them in a jar or a hat, mix them up, and pull two or three slips out. Wacky ideas? Who cares! Some of the best books are totally off the wall. Need an example: Green Eggs & Ham! I mean really? Wow!


Day 8

DangerGeneral.svg.medWhat will get us all? Distractions! Facebook, family, squirrels… And nope, I had not read this post until today! *see above note* Sometimes distractions are a good thing. They will take our mind off of NOT writing a ding-dang thing, but they can be distracting us from doing our work too. Sometimes we can wire our brain and get into a routine to prepare the juices to begin flowing. So get off of Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, pay no attention to the huge squirrel looking for the pecans that you need to pick up, and write!

Day 9
Question Everything


What can the future hold? A lot when you are four! Ask one and you’ll see that the possibilities are endless. Can’t climb a tree? Use spring shoes. Can’t fly? Grow wings or strap on a jet pack. Can’t never could. It does a writer wonders to think like the age group you are writing for. I guess that’s why I love writing picture books. It is an age of innocence, of learning, of exploring, of thinking anything is possible.


So how are you doing? I’ve got 6 ideas!!! Yay.

Let me know how you are doing?
What observations have you made about your writing?
I’d love to know what you think.

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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6 thoughts on “PiBoIdMo Day 7-9… by Tracey M. Cox

  1. So sorry for your loss, Tracey. Life does go on and sometimes we just need to stop and regroup. Sharing your experience just “gave permission” to take time to take of ourselves.
    Thank you.

  2. Sorry for your loss. I, too, will be playing catch up for the same reason. Tomorrow I fly overseas to attend my nephew’s funeral.

    Wishing you and your family strength and peace.

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