PiBoIdMo Day 10-12… by Tracey M. Cox


Picking It Up and Putting It Down

So we have these ideas, right? And we want to put them on paper, right? And maybe one day they will shine like the stars we know they are, right? And become a book… YES!

So what is stopping us? Ourselves usually. Sometimes my brain feels clogged up with ideas. Other times it feels as dry as a desert under a hot July sun. *head meets desk* I try to focus on one idea and get it out. Then go onto the next. Every now and then, an idea is really loud and obnoxious and demands to take center too. Writers brains are so fickle!

So here we are. Almost to the middle mark! *GULP* Here’s what I’ve gotten out of the past few days…

Day 10
Dumping It Out

iron-melting-mdI  know I’m not the only one who has ideas, but can’t get them out. Discipline is not in my name anywhere. HA! I don’t have a particular routine that I truly, absolutely, no matter what have to stick to. *I know… bad, bad, bad Tracey!* BUT! I do listen to my inner voice when it speaks. By getting an idea out, I have found others pop up. You begin to notice things and be inspired by them. It could be an animal or a child. It could be a situation or a setting. Who cares if it makes sense!???! Just dump them on the page and see where it goes.

Day 11
Creating Guidelines

One gbullet pointreat way to come up with ideas is creating “how tos”  or “guidelines” in your stories. I’ve done this with an idea today! Yay!!! Not every one thinks the same way or knows how to do this. So why not write about it? Know a child who knows how to be awesome? Or knows how to build the biggest building ever? Writing lists and then giving them plot twist and arcs can be tricky, but in the end what kid wouldn’t like to know the 10 steps in finding the end of the rainbow?

Day 12
Think Visual


Part of picture books is… *wait for it…* PICTURES!  You can thank me later. 😉 I would say 99.99999999999999999999999% (<— Yes, that is the true number) of the time I come up with a new idea it is with a picture in my head. Character, setting, situation… all are visuals. I then let it blossom into where my idea wants to go. While being a writer has it’s limits, I still thumbnail sketch my scenes, making sure I have enough movement with the text to carry me through pages. As an illustrator, I can add description into the picture to deepen the story, give it a different angle than the text, and make it more concrete for the reader. Pictures are a powerful thing. I’m glad that that is part of my journey as a writer.

So, here I am at DAY 12 with 10 IDEAS. Yeppers, 10!!! Starting to catch up.

Let me know how you are doing?
How do you dump your ideas out?
Do you think visual too?
I’d love to hear from you.

Until later…

Happy Writing!

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7 thoughts on “PiBoIdMo Day 10-12… by Tracey M. Cox

  1. Hmmmm. I have the discipline. As soon as I decide what to write I go for it. It’s all out to do research and organize into a logical pattern. Then comes the hard part…cut, cut, cut in order to make it the appropriate length for a children’s picture book. My problem is in the physical organization. I write my ideas down everywhere. You guessed it…sometimes I can’t find all those scraps of paper when I want them!

  2. Great suggestions Tracy. I have been getting at least one idea down a day. Unfortunately, I have to remember to take a notebook in the car. I get an idea driving, but by the time I get home, it has fled. I got so excited by one idea, I have a good rough draft. Thank you PiBoIdMo challenge!.

  3. Thanks for all your posts. Tracey. I’m enjoying reading them but have a hard time commenting…shame on me. So far I’m 12 for 12, for story ideas…Yay!

    My favorite trick for coming up with ideas-when I’m stuck, I select 3 random words. Then I sit down and come up with the story’s beginning. After I have the beginning, I take a walk, spend an hour in the gym or cook. Usually by days-end I have the beginning, middle and end to my story.

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