PiBoIdMo Day 13-15… by Tracey M. Cox


Be Observant. Be, Be Observant!

Yes, I’m cheerleading you on!  *lo/*   *lo/*

HALF-WAY POINT! And what a whirl-wind of a 15 day period it has been. These past three days are a great grouping on being observant everywhere. Here’s what I’ve gotten out of it…

Day 13
Write It Down

soup_jarno_vasamaa_.svg.medWho cares if it doesn’t go together or make sense. If you see a little golden nugget, pick it up, and put it in your notebook. By putting flashes of ideas down, you will have a place to help story them. Because let’s face it, your brain will forget.  😉  Lots of times I have found by letting something sit (or simmer, as Corey said) an idea will form more, becoming more concrete, and better to be added into a story line.

Day 14
As the World Turns

eye-mdIdeas are everywhere! Non-fiction is DEFINITELY everywhere!!! All you have to do is be observant enough to notice. I have been working on a pb for several years that will go along with a state park site that is about 15 minutes from my home. Do a little digging. You might be surprised to find out who all is from your area, living in your area (interviews!!!), or what might have taken place in your area.

Day 15
Step Back and Inspect

magnifying_glass_01.svg.medSometimes we can get overwhelmed as artist. Take time to make time for yourself. Remember what made you fall in love with what you do. Let your imagination fly. Inspect things and see what is really there. Look at it through the curiosity of a child.

So how are you doing so far? I’ve got 14 ideas!!! My last one keeps dancing in my head wanting to play. She is a lively character who likes to do things her way. Looks like I might have to let her have it.  *hahahahaahaha*  LOVE it when that happens.

Let me know how you are doing.
Do you sit back and observe the world around you?
Let the environment take you places you’ve never been before?
What are some crazy things you’ve seen? You just might have a story idea hidden in there somewhere!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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6 thoughts on “PiBoIdMo Day 13-15… by Tracey M. Cox

  1. I love your “3-day-at-a-time” recaps. They are helpful. My ideas have come to me listening to the radio and reading the newspaper. I do not know what will become of them yet. I am in the write words that catch my attention phase. I plan on stringing some of those words together next month. Today’s post will have me taking out my color pencils. I want to see what winspires me. Thanks Tracey!

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