PiBoIdMo Day 19-21… by Tracey M. Cox


 How Many Ways to Come Up With Ideas?
Let Me Count the Ways… 1, 1000. 2, 1000. 3…

It never ceases to amaze me how many ways you can come up with ideas! Seriously. Try standing on you head? Sure, get the blood flow to the brain better. HA! Walking, looking in the past, playing with play-doh… I don’t care. Whatever works, works. Now use it.  😉  So here’s what I’ve gotten out of the last three days…

Day 19
Dig Deep & Get In the Groove

dig-mdWhat do you do when you hit a rut? I try digging deep. It could be really old ideas. Or a really old manuscript that needs to be dusted off. Or even thinking back to my childhood. No, scratch that. I don’t want to give my kids any ideas!!!! LOL! You can listen to music. Anyone for Three Blind Mice? Can you  put a spin on that? Hmm, idea spark!


Day 20
Bring Out the Animal

doggies-colors-cats-mdNot in a bad way of course. No piddling on the carpet.  😉  But remember to soak things in, discover new things, aggressively pursue your writing, stay busy, be flexible, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or give it. Animals aren’t just cute YouTube videos to enjoy. They can be an inspiration as well.

Day 21
Try Different Styles

Two_Gears_Gray.svg.medSometimes switching gears is a great way to generate ideas. You can work on a different story. Start a new one. Draw a little bit. I don’t care if it’s only stick figures. Try a different medium. Yes, I mean write in crayon!!! Get a glitter pen and have fun. Just do something different. You never know what may help, and you won’t know if you don’t try.


Here I am at Day 21 with 20 ideas. I’m almost even!!! Yay! Not sure if I will get 30 though. I had a good problem yesterday. I received some editing notes on a story. THAT has to get done. PLUS my brother is getting married next week!  SQUEEEE!  But I will continue reading and commenting. Who knows, maybe switching to editing will give me some ideas?

Let me know how you are doing!
What kind of animal do you think you channel? Or are there many??? Some days I feel like a sloth. While others I’m a cheetah!  HA!!!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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