PiBoIdMo Day 22-24… by Tracey M. Cox


 Around the Written World in 30 Days

It seems these posts have been about journeys.  🙂

I am always amazed with each story I have written and the trip I take with it. No two have ever been the same. I think that is part of the magic of writing. It’s always new, something different, and keeps me on my toes. So here is what I have gotten out of the past few days…

Day 22
Character Driven

Girl_and_Boy_Driving_Car_Cartoon.svg.medNo, not like this.  This is a story where it is your character who is main staged and moves the story along. Seems easy? Pfffft, I struggle with it. BUT I do have a few ms now where it is definitely character driven. These are the ones that my character, not the situation or the emotional pull, takes off. So if your mc is shouting, “Me! Me! Me!”, you might want to listen up.

Day 23
Writing Road

Drive_Freely_.svg.medWriting manuscripts is like taking a trip. We start with a Point A and a Point B. What we don’t take into consideration a lot of the time are the potholes, hills, valleys, mountains, and curves that lie in between. When writing, I have some that I have struggled with and thought I would never get right. Then I have had stories that seem to write themselves. Every story is its own adventure.

Day 24
Into the Minds…

Brain_Notes.svg.medOh. Em. Geeee! We got a peek into the minds of a few agents!!! Do you know what it confirmed for me? That they share the same love as I do with picture books. That picture books strike a chord with us all. Picture books are short, but can be very complex. There is a marriage between the written word and the illustrations that can bring a deeper meaning to the story as a whole. I agree, I am a reader because of picture books!

BONUS: Depths of PBs

survey-graphic-mdWhen most think of PBs, they think of light, fluffy, happy-endings, where things are rosey. BUT PBs are so much more. Grab reality and you can give depth to your stories. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and write about sorrow, hurtfulness, and all those things that go bump in the night. PBs are the first experiences many have of the written word. I think it is wonderful that there are stories in the world that speak about death, being scared, having been wronged, and all those other things that can trouble children. It lets them know that they are not alone, and gives them comfort and hopefully hope.

WOW! What a ride! So here we are, only 7 days left!!! How are you doing? I’m at 23 ideas!!!! Almost 1 for 1!!!!

Let me hear from you and your journeys.
Have you ever had a story surprise you?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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