PiBoIdMo Day 28-30… by Tracey M. Cox


It’s the Finish Line

It’s here. The finish line!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve made it!!!!!!

I love how these days are paired together… it’s a mini writing process to me. 1) Get an idea,  2) Write enough to cover 16 scenes, and  3) Make sure you write for your audience! Seems simple, but we all know the actually process is so much harder than it appears. There’s an art to picture books. I’m so happy that it is my calling.

Here’s what I got out of the final three days of PiBoIdMo:

Day 28
Catching Ideas

Butterfly Catching.svg.medWhere do you find ideas? I agree, that is probably my #1 question from children and other writers. My answer is “Everywhere!” It’s true. As writers, we see the world through a different lens. Where some will see an overturned chicken truck, we can see how the chickens sabotaged the truck so they can make a get-a-way! Where someone sees a drenching downpour, we see the children skipping from puddle to puddle. Remember an idea is your jumping off  point. Even if it is silly or crazy, see where it will take you.

Day 29
Moving Forward

Film.svg.medThe prompt was to write with pictures. I already do this! YAY! Well maybe not from the start. I get it down. Once that first crazy draft is done, I go back over what I have written and begin to visualize my scenes. I ask myself questions like: Does this move the story forward? Is this important to the centralized idea? What is needed? What can be cut? I will do this over an over ensuring that I have enough scenes (spreads) for a book. By doing this I find out what is important to the story line and what is fluff.

Day 30
A Different View

dots-perspective-mdHow do we view the world? Now, how does a child see it? By changing our view point we can get a different perspective on a situation or thing. An adult sees a messy room. A child sees a sea of play toys or a maze to get through. We have to remember how we felt, how we saw, how we yearned for something. By tapping into this, we become better writers for children.

Soooooooooo, how did you do? Did you get 30? I did! I squeaked in 30 ideas in 30 days. I had a lot more last year, but I think getting 30 out is perfect. Even if I hadn’t have gotten 30, I would have still been a winner. Every book starts as an idea. Now, every one of us who went through this challenge is that much closer to writing a new manuscript!


Thanks for going on this journey with me.   🙂    I hope you got as much out of PiBoIdMo as I did. And thank you for taking the time to read my posts too during this hectic month.


Let me know how you did!
I know I have some really sucky ideas, but they are mine. I also have a few really good ideas that are waiting for me to get moving on.


One last thing, there is a contest going on.


If you have not already voted for someone, I would be honored if you would nominate my blog. If you choose to, follow the directions on this link:  Write To Done  . The name of my blog is: a writers blog by Tracey M. Cox and my url is: http://www.traceymcox.wordpress.com .

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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5 thoughts on “PiBoIdMo Day 28-30… by Tracey M. Cox

  1. Thanks Tracey I really enjoyed your recap of the blogs it was great revision. Thanks again. Now to turn those ideas into PB

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