Thinking Thursday… Gathering Your Ideas

Gathering Your Ideas…

Well, we made it into December.


That calendar can’t be right! December? Wow!!!

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, IDEAS! How did you do during PiBoIdMo? I officially got 30 ideas! YAY! Then I had another one later that day. And a few more since.   🙂   I love it when that happens. Don’t you?

So we have all these ideas. Now what? Do you feel overwhelmed, not sure where to start?

Take a  breather.   Breathe in… breathe out… (repeat as needed)

Feel better? Good.

Now take a look at your list. Has any of them been tickling your brain? Or jumping up and down, shouting, “Me! Me! ME!”? Let those step forward. Explore them. Do some research. Has the story line been done before? *sigh* Probably. BUT (and here is the kicker)…

Can you put your own spin on it?

YES, you can!

Here is where you voice, experience, and spin get to shine.

What about all those other ideas? you ask.

I’ve been inspired by one of Tara Lazar’s guest bloggers. I’m going to write all my ideas down and put them in a clear jar.

On my desk.

Where I can see them!

I don’t want to forget them, even those sucky ones. Who knows, with the right circumstances, one of those icky ones might be the right combination to fit into a story. Maybe they will conspire together, plan an escape, and make an appearance on my page? WAIT! STORY IDEA!!!!!!!!!!! And I say “CLAIM” on it. (all you Walking Dead fans will get this *wink, wink*)

Here’s to all those ideas coming to fruition!

Until next time…

Happy Writing,

7 thoughts on “Thinking Thursday… Gathering Your Ideas

  1. Terry,
    Thought I had responded. In case it didn’t go through, my email is tracey at traceymcox . com (without the spaces). I’ll see if I can contact you on facebook too. 🙂

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