Marketing Monday… Showing Support

Show Support – Market Yourself by Supporting Others

I know I’ve said this thousands of times, but NO ONE likes to be bonked over the head with a “Buy Me!” attitude. So how can you get your name out there? Show support of others. Yes, talk about them. What have they produced as far as content? Do they give great advice on their blog? What about classes or community awareness?

But you would like to be known better locally too, right? So go to those mom & pop stores, get to know what they carry, and how they come across to their customers and community. What about finding something for your town/city to rally behind? Find a common cause and gather some people together. Make videos, common posts, create hashtags to go with it, and use social media to your benefit.

Chances are, if you start talking and supporting others, they will want to do the same for your. Let’s face it, reciprocity rocks! Another plus is that you will be building a part of your platform. Think of it as a support group. The more people involved the more they can share and communicate with. This will help get your name out there into the public’s eye and social media.

What suggestions do you have to support others?
I am planning on offering a free mini-commercial for the local businesses in my town. What better way to say Happy Holidays?!?
Are you proactive in your own marketing?
This will help others see that you are not afraid to post and have a good following.

Until next time…

Happy Writing!


I have decided to take the last two weeks off this year. I want to take some time for myself, focus on family, and the true meaning of the season. My last bloggy post will be next Thursday, December 18th.  🙂


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10 thoughts on “Marketing Monday… Showing Support

  1. Barbara,
    I agree. I’m also branching out to see if I can get the community I live in to support each other too. Small town businesses need all the help we can get. And as authors/illustrators, we are a small business. 🙂

  2. I’ve been brainstorming different ideas in getting more involved with my community and one of them is pitching myself as a visiting author at the pediatrics ward at our local hospital. Good for in taking time off, I plan on doing the same thing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Love this post, Tracey. I have thought about ideas for our town. We live in the seventh poorest county in the nation. I know our businesses would love the support folks could give them. You have sent me into thinking mode. Thanks. I needed the kick in the pants.

  4. This post is so spot on! I have been sharing the works of others for some time now. I just can’t keep good news to myself 😉 I truly believe that when you give with good intentions, much will be given back to you, and it will be the help you need most!

  5. Hey, Tracey! To quote you-know-who, sometimes with my marketing, I do better if I just “Let it go” — focus on being authentic with others and following what interests me as a writer and citizen of this planet. Have a lovely holiday and enjoy your family time in December.

  6. Yes, I do let it go. Hahaha! Probably a little too much. 😉 But I think that is why people connect with me. They know I’m a nutty person who is out there trying like them.

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