Tuesday Tips – Idea Jar


~ Catching Ideas ~

*sparks*                                                 *flash*                                                           *spark*
*jolt*                                            *bang*
*flash*                           *spark*                                                         GOTCHA!

Have you ever felt like that? There’s a tickle of an idea… yet it fades out before you can fully mull it over and grasp it.
I think we all do this from time to time.

I like to think of ideas as fireflys.  Zooming around, every now and then a flash, and then gone.  When I was little, I loved catching them in a jar. I would get on their level, watching them up close, before letting them go again. There was still the mystery of them, but I had enough to hold onto… until the next time.

I like to think of us writers and our ideas like that too. We get that spark, flash, jolt, bang, and we are off. We are on a chase, trying to capture it. When we do, we pull it close, inspect it, and give our observations. Then we release our ideas into the world as manuscripts. In hopes that an editor will see the  mysteriousness of our story and want to capture it too.

Now… to keep those ideas fresh in our minds. We don’t want that spark to fade. Or the flash to dim too quickly. What can we do??? I have a video where I show you what I do:

I hope that helps give you some inspiration on keeping your ideas fresh.   🙂

Let me know what you think of my Ideas Jar.
How do you capture your ideas and keep them fresh?
If you choose to make (or already have) an IDEAS JAR, I would {{{L-O-V-E}}} to see it!!! Blog about it or post it on social media and tag me in it!

Here’s to many captured ideas!!!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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