Thinking Thursday… GET ORGANIZED!


Get Organized!

As a writer I know a lot of our desks look like the one above.   😉   😉   You have bits of paper here. An outline over on that corner. There is a jar of pencils and your favorite pen. A picture or quote of inspiration over there. It’s what I call organized chaos.

We do need SOME sort of organization though. We have to keep a thought process going to get from Point A to Point B without creating any detours along the way. Plus we usually have more than one thing going. A planner, journal, or to-do list can help keep you on track.

A lot of people have been using Bullet Journaling. I wasn’t sure what it was until Kate Messner blogged about it last week. Upon reading, I realized I already did something similar.   🙂   Maybe Bullet Journaling isn’t for you. Or you like something a little bit different? I thought I would share my version I’ve been doing for over six months now.

I call it Calendaring… for lack of a better term. The reason why I started was because of Summer Sparks Writing Challenge. I had a lot going on:

  • regular blog post
  • researching for additional regular blog posts
  • scheduling guest bloggers
  • getting guest bloggers post
  • formatting (regular & guest) blog posts
  • making sure I had them scheduled correctly
  • setting up and running contests through rafflecopter

And that was only for my blog. It was a lot (for me at least 😉 ) and I needed a way to make sure I kept everything straight. So I opened up a new file and created a simple calendar format in excel:


Next, I made a separate file for the individual months:



Then I clicked into the correct month and started planning. As you can see, I have the days of the week as well as a “TO DO” column. For my TO DO column, I like to sit down on Sunday and plan my week.


Then whenever a task is completed, I highlight it in green!  🙂  I like to see a lot of green!!! By using excel, it’s really easy to fill in the background color with a few clicks.


This has been my lifesaver!!!

The first thing I do when I sit down at my laptop is open up my calendar. I look over what I need to do that day and I’ll look over my TO DO column to see if I can work on it or complete something.

I’m going to include my 2015 months downloads for you to use. Feel free to save on your computer or print it out. If you choose to print this out, one month will take up two pages. I did this to give me enough space to write things.


Let me know what you think of my organizational process.
What do you do to keep things organized?
Are there other techniques you’ve heard of?
I’m always open to trying new things. You never know what may click with you!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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