Marketing Monday: BOOKS!


Get Your Products Out There

So you have spent years perfecting your craft.


Taking classes…


Reading books…





FINALLY! A contract and you hold that darling baby in your hands.

So how do you get it into OTHER’S hands?
By marketing. *sigh* Yes, more work. It’s definitely different too. No more solitude. No more pjs and scrunches.
you hafta get out there! Yes, I said hafta!  😉

How to get your books out there?

There are several ways:

  1. Create a launch team
    Have a group of people who are willing to read your story and help spread the word. You can do this by sending them a pdf copy of the book. They will give honest feedback, post a review on Amazon / goodreads / blog / etc. As well as talk about it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. When a group talks, they create buzz. When there is a buzz, people get curious.
  2. Publishers website
    Your publisher will create a webpage for your book. SHARE IT! What better way to get exposure for you, your book, and the people who believed it would make a great book (a/k/a your publisher).
  3. Your website
    Give your book it’s 15 minutes of fame! It deserves it and so do you! Create a page dedicated to your book. There you can have a large picture, ISBN#, blurb, and links to order. You can also post reviews and a book trailer to help people get to know your book better.
    On my website, I have a link called books. This will take you to a page where all my book covers are shown. Then from there you can click on the individual covers to take you to information for that particular book.
  4. Share on social media
    Toot that horn. Let people know about your books. Highlight one and write the blurb, or share a review, or post a book trailer. You can create your own hashtags to go along with it to help group it together too.
    For hashtag, I would suggest #title, #authorname, #illustratorname. You can also add something important like #WNDB or #pb or ???.
  5. Get reviews
    Reviews can mean a lot to a books popularity when you use them. It can also help pull you up in the numbers and help get your book noticed by the website you are on, such as Amazon.
    Most people do not charge to review your book. Honestly, I do not see a win situation when you pay for a review, because (to me) you are paying that person for something and expect positive results. But that is up to you. There are plenty of blogs and reviewers out there that do not charge a fee. Some accept pdf files too.
  6. Local bookstores / businesses
    Show your books to your indie book stores. If you are like me and don’t have one close by, show your books to local businesses that carry like minded items in their store. L’s of Ocilla carries my books, although they are not a book store. They do have a few children’s items in their store though. When someone carries your books, give them a shout out too. Help promote them for promoting you!
  7. Have on hand
    Yes, carry your books with you… always. I keep a minimum of one set in my vehicle at all times. You never know when you might run into someone who wants to buy a book. Or who might want to carry your book and would like to see/hold them to get a feel for them.

So having your books handy and talking about your books is a good thing. It may be a hard hurdle to get over, but you’ve earned it. So toot that horn!


Let me know what you think about using your books for marketing?
What other ways have you found beneficial?
Do you have a marketing tool that is working for you? Let me know what it is!
Do you have some questions about marketing? Leave me a comment. I’ll answer if I can. OR it might wind up being a feature of my Marketing Monday post.


Don’t forget…

I still have spots for WORLD READ ALOUD DAY. Check out my post ~ HERE ~ for more information.


Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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2 thoughts on “Marketing Monday: BOOKS!

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Learned the hard way about always having books! First at a bookstore when the owner asked if she could buy some from me, and a few days later someone I met wanted a copy. Lesson learned. I sold 6 books at tenmis because I now carry them with me.

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