Monday Marketing & A CTA #TCATPG

Marketing and a CTA – #TCATPG

Marketing can be a challenge.

You have ups and downs Some things work. Others don’t. Marketing can be done in so many ways. I thought I would try something that a writer/illustrator colleauge of mine, Debbie Ohi, is doing…

It has to do with book trailers. Book trailers are a great way to get people interested in your book. They are used like movie trailers. They give the potential consumer a glimpse of the work to hopefully get them interested in buying the product.

There are plenty of companies out there who offer this service. OR if you are handy with some software and are creative, you can make your own. As some of you may know, I  have done 5 of my 6 book trailers. I happen to have a book coming out in May, and have been trying to come up with a different approach to a book trailer. I wanted to do something different. Something to get people more involved. Debbie gave me a great idea and that’s where you come in…

swing_set.svg.medTHE CHILDREN AT THE PLAYGROUND  (Xist Publishing) will be released into the wild in two months.
AND I need YOUR help!


Here’s where you come in:

  1. Take a picture or a short 5-7 second video of your children having fun at the playground.
  2. Add the hashtag #TCATPG to your pictures
  3. Send it to
  4. Use #TCATPG in your subject line.
  5. Give me permission to use your child’s picture in my book trailer.
  6. If it is okay for me to list your families name, please state so.
  7. I will send you a confirmation email as soon as I make sure it came in clear.

I plan on using the photos and videos I receive to make a book trailer for The Children At The Playground. I think it would be great to show what everyone likes to do. The video will be around 1 minute long. Depending on the participation, I may not be able to use everyone’s photo or video.

Thanks everyone. I hope to have a great turn out.

What do you think about this marketing angle?
What do you think about Book Trailers?
Do you make your own or use a company?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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10 thoughts on “Monday Marketing & A CTA #TCATPG

  1. I haven’t used trailers a lot. The visual component is the most striking feature of my book series so I haven’t gone into audio books, and only my first book is available in e book.. My publishing company put out a video for the first book in my series as an introduction.

  2. Terrific concept! I hope you have huge success with this approach! I look forward to hearing all about it!

  3. I haven’t done audio books yet either, Barbara. I write picture books and I’m not sure how they would come across. Maybe in an ebook format that would work though? I know a few who have done that.
    I like creating book trailers though. Mine are pretty simple, but keeping it under 1 minute can be tricky.

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