The Luck of the Writers

four-leaf-clover-mdTop of the morning to you!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

No, I’m won’t do a jig for you this morning. It’s too early.

BUT! I will give you some Luck of the Writers tips for you today!!!!

four-leaf-clover-mdBe yourself when you are writing. As the great Dr. said, “There is no one you-er than you!”


four-leaf-clover-mdIt is your dream. Believe in it!


four-leaf-clover-mdKnock on doors. Get your work out there.


four-leaf-clover-mdDon’t settle for no. Continue to work on your craft.


four-leaf-clover-mdJoin a critique group.


four-leaf-clover-mdGo to conferences.




four-leaf-clover-mdMake your own luck. Hard work and persistence pay off.


What part of luck plays into writing and getting published?
What are you doing that I haven’t listed to further your career?


Okay, now that the work is over…

Let’s dance!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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