5 Ways to Deal with Rejection


5 Ways to Deal with Rejection

As a writer there comes a time when we all hear the “R” word. It’s an ugly word and let’s face it, we don’t want to hear it. That or the “P” word either. Fine! I’ll say them… Rejection & Pass. *sigh*

So it is inevitable we will all get these. So how do you deal with it?

Sure, sure. Crying helps. So does throwing a righteous fit. But to get anything accomplished you need to move foward.

  1. Step back
    I know I said move forward.  😉  Take a minute (or a day or two or three) to distance yourself from your work. By giving yourself a time out, you help break some of the emotional ties you have. This will help you see things more clearly too.
  2. Look at it objectively
    After #1, you should be able to see your ms with new eyes. Take into consideration who said what. Are they an agent? Editor? Someone you have high respect for? None of the above? All this will determine how much weight what they have said will carry you through to your revisions.
  3. Second opinion
    Seriously. Get several opinions. I have at least three people read over my ms. AT LEAST! Then if more than one is pointing something out, you have more reason to consider what they are saying and why.
  4. Write, rewrite, revise
    Move those fingers. Sometimes the best way to get over rejection is to write. Write something new. Rewrite the whole ding-dang story if you feel the need. Or revise on what people have said. Just get them fingers flying.
  5. Reward
    Yes, REWARD YOURSELF for rejections!!!!!!! You have taken a big step. You’ve gotten your work out there and you are earning your stripes! Celebrate the victories. Each. And. Every. One. Of. THEM! *hint, hint* Chocolate is great!

Let me know how you deal with rejection?
Let me know about your victories!!! Celebrate!


Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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