Marketing Monday: 7 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Important


Business Cards, 7 Reasons Why Are They Important

I would say business cards, besides a website, are the most important marketing component you can have. It will put your face out there. *Literally if you do your business cards like me.* I’ve come up with some valid reasons on why you should have a business card.

check_mark.svg.medIt makes you seem more legit.

check_mark.svg.medPricing! You can get more bang for your buck. I use VistaPrint and I buy when they have a sale.   *VistaPrint link on this blog is an affiliated link*

check_mark.svg.medAll your information is convenient. Put your name, phone number, email, and website on there. If you have a store-front business, put your address on there too.

check_mark.svg.medYou can use both sides to add information. I know people who will have information on both sides of their card. The front offers contact information. While the back may include books, author visit information, or whatever they may specialize in. I have left mine blank so far, which give people a space to write reminders, or tips, or something I might have said to them.

check_mark.svg.medAdditions. You can have pictures, qr codes, calendars, and many other things on your card to make it more interactive and keep people interested in you and your product.

check_mark.svg.medIt is a lingering reminder of who you are.

check_mark.svg.medBusiness cards can help jog the memory of what you do.

As you can see, business cards are very versatile.

You can hand them out. Leave them on a counter for people to pick up. Put them in a gift basket. Hang from an item that is for sale. Taped on a piece of candy. Among other things.


Let me know what you include on your business card.
Are there any other ways you promote your business?

Let me hear from you!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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6 thoughts on “Marketing Monday: 7 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Important

  1. Like you Tracy, I too have my photo on my business card. The idea came to me when, after a conference, I couldn’t place all the people’s cards I had collected with their faces. It’s very helpful, especially when you want to touch base at a later date. It makes remembering who you talked to much easier. Without stepping on your toes, I do have a little suggestion. You are a smart, beautiful woman Tracey! Don’t be shy. Please, please look up and into the camera at your adoring public when you reorder the next batch of cards. All the best to you…and continued success with all your endeavors.

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