Tuesday Tips – Accepting Challenges



Why should you challenge yourself as a writer or participate in challenges as a writer?

258d6c97a3a5a340f70c9bf3d103f9baSimple. It makes you grow. As writers, we tend to stay inside a bubble. Our own little bubble. Where we know what we are doing, how to approach the topic, how to face what lays ahead.  When you are in a challenge, you push yourself. To do more. To explore more. To find more. To reach down deep more. We grow. We find the magic that makes our story soar and eventually make our readers fall in love.

This is why I do challenges. I want to grow as a writer and make my work better. I challenge myself to write 12 first drafts in 12 months each year. I’ve participated in Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo each year (except one). I am still reading through Carrie Charley Brown’s ReFoReMo (first year). I also hold Summer Sparks to help others (and myself) out on ideas.

The fact is, I will never stop learning, and neither should you. It is what drives us and keeps us on our toes.

SO. To all that, I am challenging myself (kicking myself in the tush really) to get my picture book reviews going again. I have revamped my goals for that blog, given it a new home, and a new title…

PB & J’More
Picture Book Reviews and Activities
Get Stuck On Writing

I will vlog about picture books and also give links to fun activities to tie into each book.

To begin with, I will only do reviews for the month of April, because…


A to Z Challenge

This challenge is to create a theme and blog about it for the month of April.

Well being a picture book writer and all, I am going to blog about picture books who’s title start with each letter of the alphabet. I hope you will enjoy what all I have to say and find some great reads. So click on over, follow me there too if you like, and let get prepared to explore some great reads!

Let me know what you think about challenges.
Do you know of some great ones that you are participating in?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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