Marketing Monday – 4 Ways to Build “Word of Mouth”

4 Ways to Build Word of Mouth

4 Ways to Build ‘Word of Mouth’

On my 12 Ways to Marketing Yourself with Little to No Money, I mentioned “Word of Mouth” as one way to market yourself. This is and isn’t the cheapest form of marketing. I’m confusing, aren’t I.   😉   It’s totally free, because you are not paying someone to talk about you. Or begging them. Or demanding either. It’s NOT free, because of the time you’ve invested to develop yourself into someone who people trust and look to for advice.  *The Ah-Ha moment!*

So HOW can you become someone who is trust worthy?

1. Be consistent  – If you are blogging, have certain days/times you blog.
– Content stays the same. Don’t say or do one thing and not back it up.

2. Do your research – Make sure what you are saying can be backed up.
– Go through and practice what you are talking about to make sure it works.

3. Share generously – Let people know what you have found out. Blog or post or tweet about things.
– You don’t have to charge for everything. Give people tidbits, something to build on.
– You can create loyalty and respect by helping others.

4. Offer services – Once you have built up enough knowledge and trust with your community, you can offer more indepth help.
– Don’t push your offers though. Let it come through naturally.

By building up what you have to offer, it will create trust, because people will notice that you do what you say and it is working. They will begin to talk about you and share what you are saying. And you won’t have to tell them to do it. They will do it because you have proven yourself over time.

What do you do to build up Word of Mouth?
What are some people in our industry that you talk about?
What services have you used because of Word of Mouth?

***As a side note: I do offer services.   🙂   Picture Book Critiques & Platform Building Consultations. Just if you are interested.***

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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