Marketing Monday – Social Media Time Suck

SocialMediaSocial Media – Time Suck

I know I’ve gone in depth on the different social media outlets on this board. After all, this is something I use almost daily and part of my business. It is something I believe everyone who owns their own business should use.

The main question is how much time can you devote to it? Social media can be a time suck. There. I said it. HA! But it really can. You go online to do a little research and before you know it, it is a few *cough, cough* hours later and you’re looking a funny cat videos. *I know, I know. They ARE cute.  😉  * That black hole can be tough to pull yourself out of. Then all the ‘extra’ time you’ve had to research, get some new writing done, revise, etc is g-o-n-e!  *head meets desk*  So how can we get better results?

  • Focus
    Decide what you want to accomplish. It can be to separate yourself from another writer. Or separating your name, like I had to, from someone else who is well known. Or you want to build your online presence more. Any number of things. Decide what YOU want to accomplish.
  • Schedule
    Use a calendar and pencil in your agenda. Take it in chunks. 15 min / 30 minute / 1 hour segments are great.
    I began setting a long term goal (what I wanted to accomplish over a year). Then I sat down with my calendar that I made and scheduled what I wanted to accomplish each month. (ex: learn a different social media outlet, use that outlet, become comfortable with that outlet, and decide if I wanted to continue with it.) Then  every Sunday I would pencil in what I was going to do each day that week. I would work on writing/revising a manuscript, blog posts, making videos, updating website, etc. Whatever I needed.
  • Timer
    Make it count and keep yourself accountable. Not only do I schedule the days, I give myself a time limit. Use an egg times, or your microwave, or your phone to keep with the time. Even when you are doing something on your calendar, it can be more in depth than you thought to learn, and before you know it, it will creep into your next appointment on your calendar for the day. I will also highlight things when I’ve completed them. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I see everything for the week in green. This I found EXTREMELY helpful when working on my platform, because I knew I was doing something. Platform building takes time to build and those green highlights let me know I was trudging along.

Thanks for reading along today!

Let me know what you do to avoid the Social Media Time Suck.
Do you use a calendar or other method to keep you on track?


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Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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