#SummerSparks Day 10 – Get Out!

Get out!
by: Tracey M. Cox

Have you ever felt stuck with your writing? Like your brain was clumped up and nothing will come out? I know I have… a lot. So what to do? Get out! Yes, I’m shooing you away from your computer. Go take a walk/run? Walk around your yard or neighborhood.

Sometimes stepping away and giving yourself a change of scenery is all you need to do to get the creative juices flowing again.

Maybe you see a new bird? Or flower?  You can research those and incorporate them into your writing. Maybe you like gardening? I have a flower bed and a few of my flowers make an appearance in one of my stories.  🙂

Think about different angles you can write different ideas too. “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” is a movie that comes to mind where a bugs pov comes into play when the children are shrunk. There are different challenges from each view point. All you have to do is Get Out! and see what’s there in your own backyard.


Go outside and walk around a little bit. Try to notice things: weather, sounds, scents, vegetation, people, animals, etc. Then think how they relate or seem odd. Does something catch your attention? Is there something new? Is there something you’ve wanted to try or have done and would like to do again? What about the time of the year, what do you do that has become a habit?

About Tracey:


Tracey M. Cox has been writing professionally since 2000. She is traditionally published with six picture book out. This Summer, her 7th picture book, The Children at the Playground, will be published by Xist Publishing.
Tracey is the host of Summer Sparks author, platform building consultant, and offers a critique service. Read more about her at www.traceymcox.com.

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Let me know, are you participating in this years #SummerSparks writing challenge?
Where did your Sun Burst exercise lead you?

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