#SummerSparks Day 13 – Do the Twist

Summer Sparks Day 13Do the Twist
by Tracey M. Cox

tire-track-road-mdBeing in a rut can be hard. You try to move forward, but your wheels keep on spinning. You get an occasional jerk, which builds a false hope. Only to settle back in and find yourself going no where.

So what to do? Why not put things in reverse and see if backing up can get you out of there and on your way again?

Sometimes seeing what has been done and out there can give us inspiration to move forward with a new idea. Don’t believe me? Lets take a look at two books that were twisted around for a different perspective:


The Three Little Pigs    twitsted into… The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

The Three PigsWhy would a writer do this? Well both sides deserve to be heard, right? The True Story of the 3 PigsAfter all, thosepiggieswere well portrayed in the original version, AND there is always two sides to a story. The True Story shows us from the wolf’s perspective and may, just maybe, he isn’t so big and bad after all.

 Little Red Riding Hood   twisted into… Ninja Red Riding HoodNinja Red

Little Red Riding HoodWhy would a writer do this? What if Red decided to NOT to be a victim? She could take matters in her own hands and make sure she knew how to defend herself and Granny. This is an empowering message to the reader, regardless of gender.

Now these “WHAT IFs” suggestions are mine. I don’t know what each author was thinking, but I bet they did think…




Read an old favorite story of yours. Then give it a twist! WHAT IF the villain was misunderstood? WHAT IF something crucial didn’t happen? WHAT IF the mc is not what they appear to be?

About Tracey:


Tracey M. Cox has been writing professionally since 2000. She is traditionally published with six picture books out. This Summer, her 7th picture book, The Children at the Playground, will be published by Xist Publishing.
Tracey is the host of Summer Sparks author, platform building consultant, and offers a critique service. Read more about her at www.traceymcox.com.

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Let me know, are you participating in this years #SummerSparks writing challenge?
What story did you twist?
What other WHAT IF scenarios could spark a story?

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