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by: Tracey M. Cox

Marketing through librarians?



Why not???? They have a finger on the pulse of publishing. Librarians know what is out there and what is needed. Really and truely, they are a valuable resource you should include in your arsenal.

Many of them can open doors for you for school visits or other programs that are offered in your area.

If you live in Georgia, USA, The Georgia Pines system offers #SummerReadingProgram with a theme for you to wrap a performance around. This year (2015) is Super Hero. I decided to offer a program this year and was able to book a few public libraries. I am really happy to report that I am loving it and have one more to do. I also visited my local library when other performers were there. I wanted to see what they did and how they handled their program and any situations that came up.

Here’s my super hero:




Also in Georgia, School librarians (media specialist) are your contact person for school visits in most schools. I make a point to email them at least twice a year to introduce myself to new ones and to remind those established that I offer school visits.

authorvisit1       authorvisit3       authorvisit2


Here’s another thing librarians do… BOOK AWARDS. Yes, some of them are on committees or go to conferences where they nominate books. If they like you and your book enough, it will get talked about.

They will also talk about you and what you have done with them, in your community, and with your writing. Word of Mouth!!! Remember that marketing tip? You can’t pay for this, but it is one of the most crucial boosts to your marketing. Do the right things and give them something positive to talk about.

So make friends with you local librarians (school and public), see what they are interested in and what is needed, volunteer to read, really invest some time with them. They can be your biggest cheerleaders!


Summer Sparks#SummerSparks writing challenge will be wrapping up July 11th, 2015, at 11:59 pm et. You still have time to complete the challenge.   🙂   You will need to make sure you have:

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Need to see a list of blog post? You can visit the Summer Sparks page. You’ll see all bloggers and their corresponding blog posts.


What other resources have you found with your librarians?
Do you know of another marketing tip you would like me to go in depth on?


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4 thoughts on “Monday Marketing: Librarians

  1. Me too. My public librarian is extra helpful too for my performances. I’ve started participating in the Summer Reading Program this year and they are a gem!!!

  2. Clif, THANK YOU BUNCHES!!!! I hope to be going there too. I will begin sending out my information next month to the schools. Tell Hera’s school about me! 🙂 Give Judy my love! {{{HUGS}}}}

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