Tuesday Tips: Use a Book Trailer

BLOG-Use a Book TrailerUse a Book Trailer

I love using book trailers as a teaser to my books. My first six books I used inside artwork to build interest. For The Children at the Playground, I did something new. I put a call out on social media for people who were willing to share picture of their children at the playground.

I loved the pictures I received!!!! I only wish I could have used them all.  😀

So here are somethings to consider when creating a book trailer:

  1. What story or message do you want to convey?
    A great trailer will tell a story and leave the viewer wanting more. In other words, they will want to purchase your book or look for it in their library.
  2. What medium do you want to use?
    Cover art, inside art, pictures, videos, tie-ins. Different uses will get different peoples attention.
  3. Time frame!
    Book trailers (like movie trailers) are great when kept short. You are trying to grab their attention, not put them to sleep. *hahaha*
  4. Acknowledgements
    If you use someone’s picture or music, give them credit.
  5. Links
    Don’t forget to include YOUR links. Your website, your publishers website, and mention indie booksellers, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

So here it is!!!!!! The book trailer for The Children at the Playground!!!!!!


Let me know what you think of the book trailer!
Would you be interested in reading the book now?
What else could I have done to be more interesting?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!


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