Today I have been watching the news and reminiscing about what happened 14 years ago.  Then I got to thinking of our country today. I’m sadden by the loss all around.


For the loss of life that Tuesday morning.


For the loss of unity our country is enduring now.

What do I plan on doing?

Living life to the fullest. Loving my neighbors… who ever they are. Letting first responders know how much I appreciate them. Thanking military members for their service. Smiling at strangers and giving compliments. This world has terrible things and terrible people and terrible feelings. I refuse to give into hate. I refuse to forget.

I challenge each of you…

To smile more.

To see the good in someone, something.

To love and spread love.

To never forget.


(This is a collage of two pictures from my trips to NYC and the buildings rising from the ashes)

I wanted, once again, to share my thoughts I wrote within a few weeks of that long ago day.9-11Ribbon

I wear this ribbon upon my chest
Close to my heart to show the rest
That I won’t forget the ones who were lost
They paid with their lives, the ultimate cost
It’s for the cries of thousands without a sound
And for the cries of a country when the buildings came down
To show that when the dust settled and cleared
A faint song is what you could hear

As the days pass the song does grow
You can see it, hear it where ever you go
The bells around the world for freedom ring
Voices can be heard for freedom they sing
For once America is a country united we stand
The song rings out from a freedom land
So for the people from the tragedy of a Tuesday morn
You didn’t die in vain, our country was reborn.

by Tracey M. Cox (2001)
9-11 #NeverForget911