Tuesday Tips: Are You Looking for a Publisher

BLOG- Looking for a publisherAre You Looking for a Publisher?

This is the goal line:


To have an editor in a publishing house say, “YES! This is what we’ve been wanting!

So how do we as writers and illustrators find a publishing house? I use several steps:

  1. Do they publish my genre?
    Make sure they publish the genre you are wanting to submit. If Publisher X produces Young Adult books, don’t send them a Picture Book manuscript.
  2. Do they publish my sub-genre / category?
    Make sure your category is listed. You have a Rhyming Picture Book ms. You look on Publisher Y’s website and see TONS of picture books. (yes) Check out their guidelines. Do they list or specify they take on ‘rhyming’ picture books?
  3. Are they open to unsolicited ms?
    Even when a publishing house publishes your genre AND category, they may be closed to submissions. If they are not open, do not send your ms. It’s like breaking into a house. Just don’t.
  4. Are they traditional publishers, self-publishing publishers, hybrid publishers?
    Traditional publishers take on all expenses. They pay the illustrator, copy editor, formatting, printing… etc.
    Self-Publishing publishers take on nothing. You are responsible for all costs.
    Hybrid publishers are a mixture of both. Both you and the company take on costs.
  5. Are they well known?
    This can be major. Less known or new publishers may go out of business. While the more known a publishing house is, the more submissions you will be competing with.
  6. Do they offer a marketing plan?
    Some small houses offer this! Large publishing houses are cutting back on what they offer too. Honestly, be prepare to either be your own pr person or hire someone to do it for you. You have to know how -and be willing- to toot your own horn.
  7. How active are they on social media?
    You would be surprise how little or how much publishing companies are on different outlets. See how they promote other books and their authors/illustrators.

By doing the above steps, I’ve narrowed down who I have sent my submissions too. You can use the same principles with agents too. You have to do your homework and know who and what each house represents.

Good luck on your submissions and may the odds be forever in your favor!

Until next time,


How do you determine which house to send your ms too?
Do you send your stories to small houses? Mid-size houses? ???
Do you have any success stories you would like to share with my audience?

Let me know.

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