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BLT-logo #BLTBF – Meet Kristofer M. Hanson

Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce the authors who will be at Book Love & Taters Book Festival on October 31st.

Second up is Kristofer M. Hanson.

Me:   Hi Kris. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Me:   What genres do you enjoy writing in?
Kris:   Fantasy and Science Fiction, ranging from YA to Mainstream

Me:   Can you tell us a little about your books?
Kris:   My first book is The Attuning, The Athran Saga, Book 1. I literally created Athran and the universe it resides in from the “celestial” ground up. The first book feels a little like high fantasy, as you meet Dwarves (don’t say that name to their face), see a form of Elf that is not an Elf (the Elffin), as well as other creatures such as the Orc-like Gralln and brutish Ogres. Then there is an element of steampunk mixed into the book as the people on the planet Athran have successfully combined their form of magic, elemental Mysticism, with different technologies. A white Mystic who manipulates air can fly an air barge, or a Red Mystic (fire) working with a Blue Mystic (water) can create a steam engine.

Once the world was created, I then asked myself, does a Dwarf or an Elf look into the stars and wonder what is up there? This is where elements of science fiction begin to bleed into the story. What if something from the stars came to them? What would happen to a fantasy world at odds with a science fiction world? Are the two truly separate, or can the fantasy be explained by science? Not to give too much away, but it has been more fun than I imagined writing this book.

I am currently 2/3 of the way done with Book 2, and look forward to finishing this series as a trilogy and pushing farther into this world and universe that I have crafted.

Me:   What made you decide to pursue writing professionally?
Kris:   I am a retired Disabled Veteran and Wounded Warrior, having served in the Air Force for 18 years. I have been creating this world for over a decade now, but the military has kept me thoroughly busy. Now that I am retired, it is time to share this story with the world and open people’s imaginations. 

Me:   What others genre(s) or subject(s) would you like to write?
Kris:   I don’t see myself writing in another genre, but I could see myself writing exclusively in either category, even though I prefer to mix the two together.

Me:   If you could meet one author, who would you choose and why?
Kris:   R.A. Salvatore and Robert Jordan are my biggest influences. I have already met Mr. Salvatore, so I would given a lot to see Mr. Jordan while he was still alive. Robert Jordan created a world and story that spanned over fifteen books, and I would just like to sit down over a nice cup of coffee and pick his brain about his characters and writing process.

Me:   For those of you who may not know, The Books Love & Taters Book Festival takes place during the Georgia Sweet Potato Festival in Ocilla, Georgia. This is my little town and it’s a big to-do around here. 😀 Every year, we take on a different theme. This year “There’s No Place Like Home” (The Wizard of OZ) was chosen.
My question to you is, who is your favorite Wizard of OZ character and why?
Kris:   Toto. A loyal dog and companion just along for the ride. He was brave and someone Dorothy could use to remind her of home.

Me:   Whose qualities do you like the most and why:

Tinman – Heart
Lion – Bravery
Scarecrow – Brains
Dorothy – Dreamer
Kris:   Like any good zombie, I would go for more brains. What is bravery if you don’t have the brains to guide it? You just needlessly throw your life away because you are not smart enough to realize those fifty flying monkeys are probably a bit too much to handle without some help. Heart is great, but heart is just a battery for the brains. You could say that emotions and empathy come from the heart, but the are actually formed in the brain through a long life full of experiences. Dreams are where our brains go to play when we sleep. If we did not dream, we would literally go insane. Sorry folks, but the Scarecrow was onto something here. Perhaps he wanted more brains and intellect so he could finally finish his plan of taking over Oz.

“What are we going to tonight, Scarecrow?”

“The same thing we do every night, Lion, try and take over the world… of Oz!”

Me: Thanks bunches, Kris!  And that was too, too, tooooooooooo funny!!!



Kristofer Hanson is an independent author who has just emerged on the fantasy and science fiction scene. He is also a retired, 18-year United States Air Force Veteran and Wounded Warrior. While serving his nation took up most of his time, he has finally had the opportunity to sit down and bring his stories to life. His time spent in the military heavily influences his writing, and he hopes his readers enjoy the adventures he takes them on. 



Thanks for stopping by everyone. Please visit the Books Love & Taters Book Festival website. AND if you are in the Ocilla, Georgia area, stop by October 31st. You’ll find all of us at the “MEET THE AUTHORS” booth.

Until next time…

Happy Writing!


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