#BLTBF – Meet Tracey M. Cox

BLT-logo#BLTBF – Meet Tracey M. Cox

Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce the authors who will be at Book Love & Taters Book Festival on October 31st.

Last up is me – Tracey M. Cox.

Q:   What genres do you enjoy writing in?
Tracey: I love to write picture books. I like to think of myself as a 4 1/2 year old that refuses to grow up.

Q:   Can you tell us a little about your books?
Tracey:  I have eight picture books out now.

  1. Shaping Up the Year – teaches shapes and holidays found on the American calendar.
  2. Ribbert’s Way Home – Allows readers to see the main character to overcome his fear of moving and other fears.
  3. Liddil Gets Her Light – Allows readers to see the main character take on a problem, create short term goals and build on them to reach her long term goal.
  4. Just the Thing to Be – Allows readers to see our two main characters see how embracing yourself and what you are good at is the best thing you can do. 
  5. Angels Do That – Encourages readers to see the little miracles that occur in our every day life.
  6. Arachnabet – An alphabet book on spiders and some of their common traits.
  7. The Children at the Playground – Encourages readers to get out and play, exercise, and eat healthy.
  8. Clare’s Christmas Wish – Allows readers to see the point of view of two children, one better off than the other, and how both learn that to give of themselves is the best present one can receive. 

Q:   What made you decide to pursue writing professionally?

Tracey:   I have always enjoyed writing and creating stories. My papa use to tell me some of his own when I was little. In school, I always had great grades when it came to creative writing. But I never thought of taking it further, until one January night in 2000. My older two wanted me to tell them a story before they went to bed. Son#2 was asleep before the story ended. But Son#1 stayed awake til the very end. When it was over, he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Mom, THAT would make a cool book.”. He went to sleep. Me? I thought, “Why not?” and went to my computer and typed in how to become a children’s writer. I haven’t looked back. 

Q:   What others genre(s) or subject(s) would you like to write?
Tracey:   I would like to try my hand a mg or ya. I have a few mss that are collecting dust. Maybe I will get back to them.

Q:   If you could meet one author, who would you choose and why?
Tracey:   Hands down — EVE BUNTING! She a wonderful writer and a complete inspiration to me. She is one of those writers that can write any thing and write it well. She can write cross genre from picture book to mid grade to young adult. She has written across topics too, from butterflies to homelessness to racism. I hope to accomplish at least half as much as her. 

For those of you who may not know, The Books Love & Taters Book Festival takes place during the Georgia Sweet Potato Festival in Ocilla, Georgia. This is my little town and it’s a big to-do around here. 😀 Every year, we take on a different theme. This year “There’s No Place Like Home” (The Wizard of OZ) was chosen.
Q:   Who is your favorite Wizard of OZ character and why?
Tracey:   The witch.  She is a complex character. She is suffering, because of the loss of her sister. She feels as if she is being wronged. After all her sister’s killer is rewarded with shoes. And she doesn’t even have the respect of her people. Still she carries on.

Q:   Whose qualities do you like the most and why:

Tinman – Heart
Lion – Bravery
Scarecrow – Brains
Dorothy – Dreamer
Tracey:   I like Dorothy. She shows people to look beyond what lies in front of them. To dream and to never give up.

Thanks bunches!




Tracey M. Cox lives in Ocilla, Georgia. She is an author and loves to be involved in the KidLit community. After looking around her community, she realized the need to get people excited about reading. That was when the idea of starting a book festival came to her. Tracey is the founder/director of the Books Love & Taters Book Festival. She is also in the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI). Within that organization she is the Local Liaison for South Georgia and webmaster for the Southern Breeze region. She is also a KidLit.TV team member and enjoys promoting literacy whenever she can.



Thanks for stopping by everyone. Please visit the Books Love & Taters Book Festival website. AND if you are in the Ocilla, Georgia area, stop by October 31st. You’ll find all of us at the “MEET THE AUTHORS” booth.

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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