#PB challenge – #PiBoIdMo


#PB challenge – #PiBoIdMo

It’s almost November and that means it is almost Picture Book Idea Month!!!!!

Tara Lazar is the brianiac behind PiBoIdMo, and it has been going for several years.  It’s a great way to add to (or begin) your idea jar/folder. All that is required is for you to come up with 30 ideas (a title, a character, a setting, a plot) in 30 days.

Register now to qualify for prizes and goodies. Even if you don’t register, you can still participate. After all, 30 ideas is a pretty good win-win situation to me! Everything is on the honor system. You keep your ideas to yourself and you take a pledge that you completed the challenge.

So go over to TARA’S BLOG HERE and register! Grab a participant badge (like mine above). And get ready to be inspired!

Until next time!

Happy Writing!

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