Well, here it is. The eve of the 4th Annual Books Love & Taters Book Festival. The tents are up. The tables are set. I’ll be getting up early tomorrow and finishing up the little details before the other authors get here
I’m excited and nervous. Excited, because I get to see some of my really good writing friends. Nervous, because I want everyone to have a great day and feel like the super stars I see them as.

WHY did I start the #BLTBF?
I saw a need to promote literacy. The closest used book store from my town is 30 minutes away. The closest regular book store is an hour and a half. Book festivals? Three hours away any way you travel.
The literacy level in my area is worse than the state’s average, which isn’t good either. I look around and see people who struggle with reading. I wanted them to feel comfortable with words. I wanted to get people excited about literacy.
In 2012, I decided to put together a small festival and hold it within a larger festival. My town, Ocilla, Georgia, hosts the Georgia Sweet Potato Festival every year on the last Saturday of October. A group of authors came. We had a blast! Sold books. Answered questions. Had selfies taken with the public. I decided to do it again and again and this year is Year Four!

I think it makes a difference. People are beginning to notice the festival. The local newspaper, The Ocilla Star, gives #BLTBF a great shout out too.

If you are in Ocilla tomorrow, look for the yellow MEET THE AUTHORS banner. Step in and say hello. I’d love to meet you!

Until next time,

Happy Writing


2 thoughts on “Why #BLTBF

  1. What an excellent and admirable thing you have started! I wished I lived closer (Seattle is a bit far to pop over), I would definitely show up. I hope you have a great event and the weather remains cooperative.

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