BIG announcement – Happy BOOKDAY to Me!

Happy BOOKDAY to Me!

So while I was being a busy bee last month, my editor surprised me. Book #9 has been released.

cartoon-fireworks-mdSo let’s have a PARRRRRRRR-TAY!cartoon-fireworks-md

And yes, you are invited.

Let’s see… I’ve got cake. The confetti is popping. And I see you are here.  😀  YAY!

Book #9

Is taken from my very backyard…

100 Pecans for Tabitha

“Tabitha loves to make pecan brittle and pecan pie. She is on the hunt to find 100 pecans to make her favorite treats. She looks in the bushes, knocks them out of the trees, and more. Along the way she learns facts about pecans and why her grandmother has the trees in her yard.
 Teaches counting by fives, two recipes and educational pecan info. Suggested age range for readers: 1-10.”

Would you like to see the cover?

??? You would???

*\0/* Yay! *\0/*

Well, I won’t keep you waiting. I mean that would make me such a horrible host and I wouldn’t want you to think ill of me.  😉   😉

So without further ado, here’s 100 Pecans for Tabitha:

100 Pecans for Tabitha

Isnt the cover darling?

Along with the story I’ve included some ‘nutty’ pecan facts and two recipes using pecans.

One other awesome thing, November is Georgia Pecan Month! So grab a book and help me celebrate!

Until next time,

Happy Writing!

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18 thoughts on “BIG announcement – Happy BOOKDAY to Me!

  1. Oh, happy day, Tracey! My mother-in-law had pecan trees out at the farm and I have many fond memories, going out to get pecans. (Not so much about shelling those pecans!)

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