#PiBoIdMo Day 1-3


PiBoIdMo Day 1-3

And we are off!
Picture Book writers have gathered together under Tara Lazar’s guidance and encouraged to come up with 30 ideas in 30 days. Can we do it? We sure can try.
I always look forward to this challenge. It helps build a bank of ideas I can bounce off on during the year when I feel I’m in a rut. *Remember my Ideas Jar video? This is where a lot of my ideas come from.*

Last year i decided to check in every three days. You know, to keep myslelf accountable and maybe gove some of you inspiration too. This is my 6th year with PiBoIdMo. While I haven’t “won” every year, I think anytime I put more ideas in stock I’m a winner.

Let’s see what we’ve done so far.

DAY 1:
Joan Holub gets us to start fresh. To look around and find inspiration. Also not to be scared to take one or more ideas and combine them. *Layers are our friend.*

DAY 2:
Josh Funk gets us out of the bad idea funk (sorry, Josh) by embracing the bad ones and make them work to.our benefit. *Allow a crazy, bad, horrible, no good idea to run amuck.*

DAY 3:
Grace Lin reassures us that when a picture book idea doesn’t work, it doesn’t means it’s a total loss. You.can morph it into another piece in another form. *Don’t throw away those failed attempts, peeps. There’s gold in them there hills! Get to digging.*

How am I doing?
In the first three days I have 4 ideas. Not a bad start at all. I know I’ll have lulls over the next 27 day. But I remind myself this is not a sprint. This is a 30 day marathon. There’s still a ways to go before we finish. I’ll see you at the finish line folks.

Are you participating in PiBoIdMo?
How are your ideas coming along?

Until next time,

Happy Writing!

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4 thoughts on “#PiBoIdMo Day 1-3

  1. Traci, Yeah for you! Keep those ideas coming. I am also participating and finally got yesterday’s idea when I had to get ready for a new publisher launch party. I was ambushed in the shower. Just be open, they happen everywhere. You can do it this year! πŸ™‚

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