#PiBoIdM9 Day 22-24


PiBoIdMo Day 22-24

We are in the final stretch now! I’m getting close to meet the 30 ideas goal  Tara Lazar has set for us. Keep visiting her blog for those inspirational posts!

Here’s what I’ve done over the last three days…

DAY 22
Anna Staniszewski encourages us to take a look at ourselves and embrace our silliness.
*Being different is my super power!*

DAY 23
Katy Duffield encourages to never give up and write your passion.
*I have Peter Pan Syndrome and refuse to grow up! #PBsRule *

DAY 24
Jesse Klausmeier gives us an example on how to use note cards to inspire ideas.
*How many possibilities can there be?*

How am I doing?
I’ve added _5_ more idea over the last three days. Giving me a total of _24_. Again, this is not a sprint. This is a 30 day marathon. I can see the finish line! Meet you there.

How are you doing?
Only a few days left. Are your ideas like bunnies and multiplying?

Until next time,

Happy Writing!

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