#PiBoIdMo Dau 28-30


PiBoIdMo Day 28-30

I huffed and puffed and sprinted across Tara Lazar‘s blog’s finish line!

Here’s what I’ve done over the last three days…

DAY 28
Paula Yoo encourages us to explore non-fiction and amazing people who we know.
*NF is no longer stiff, stuffy, encyclopedia material. Have fun and entrance your readers.*

DAY 29
Arree Chung encourages us not to give up on an idea.
*If something doesn’t work, look at it from another angle.*

DAY 30
Kim Norman encourages to go mad with our writing.
*Wonky, bonky writers! Make your words, descriptions, & stories sing!*

How did I do?
I’ve added _2_ more idea over the last three days. Giving me a total of _33_. Our 30 day marathon is over! While we’ve crossed the finish line the real.work begins. Now is the time to sort through those ideas and see which ones shine.

How did you do ?
Do you have a few nuggets?
Don’t forget, even those stinkers can turn out smelling sweet!

Until next time,

Happy Writing!

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