Happy Birthday to Me & Happy Holidays to You!


Happy Birthday toooooooooo Me!
and Happy Holidays to you!

Come in! Come in! It’s a festive celebration in here.

Today is my birthday!!!! NOT TO MENTION the release of the new Star Wars movie. *squeeeeeeeeeeee!* It was SO nice of Disney to give me such a wonderful birthday present. What? You mean they didn’t release it on this day just for me???? Well, it’s a happy day anyway! *hahahhahahahahahha*

It’s also the end of the year, which means many of you are celebrating different holidays.   I would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. May it be filled with warmth and memory-making. May you know that you are thought of and have a smile on your lips.

I will be taking the rest of the year off from my blog to spend more time with my family and friends too. Come back next year as I will gear up once again in a few weeks. I’ll look forward to seeing you and hearing from you all then!

Until next time,

Happy Holidays
Happy Writing!

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