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www (dot) Wednesday

Every year I like to talk about different websites/organizations that I find useful. Yep, I’m repetitive on a lot of these, BUT they are very, very, VERY useful! This year I would like to explain WHY I think these websites deserved to be mentioned and visited often.

SCBWI.org is THE organization to join in the #kidlit world.

  1. Agents and editors see your membership as a serious investment into your career as a writer/illustrator.
  2. Vast amount of information. SCBWI sends out a bi-monthly newsletter and a monthly Insight.
  3. Community relationships. You will meet your tribe here. Anyone who is passionate about children’s writing and illustrating is here.
  4. Community involvement. You can volunteer regionally and make life-long friends, not to mention learn great skills.
  5. Grants and awards. Yes, members have the opportunity to apply for grants and awards.

And that’s just my top 5 things about SCBWI. I did that list in under five minutes.  😀

Are you a member of SCBWI?
What about other organizations?
What organization are you a member of?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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