Marketing Monday – Marketing takes time

MarketingTakesTimeMarketing Takes Time

Here we are well into January. I’m sure some of you have been creating a marketing plan for this year. I know I have.  I don’t care if you are an Indie Author or a Traditional Author, marketing falls primarily into the author’s lap. Marketing can be overwhelming and confusing. You need to post about your book(s), services, and other various things, but you don’t want to conk people over their head. The last thing I want people to do is skim over my name (along with my post) and quickly go to the next one. This can happen when you constantly post about only you.

Marketing can also seem like a lonely thing to do in the beginning. You have to build up an audience, network, make friends who will tweet/post/share/comment about what you are saying. This takes time. In the society we live in today many people have an instant need to see instant results. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Marketing is a lot like the publishing world…

Anyone who is involved in the industry knows that it moves at a snail’s pace.

We get an idea…   We write…   We research…   We revise…   We gather critiques…   We revise…   We submit…   We wait days/weeks/months…   We get a pass…   We revise…   We gather critiques…   We submit…   We receive an acceptance… We revise from edits…   We wait…   We get assigned an illustrator…   We wait…   We receive our galley…   We revise…   We wait… WE HAVE A RELEASE!

Now this may not be EXACTLY how your journey goes. I usually have a lot more revising and critiquing going on.  😀   But you can see how long and drawn out it can be. It can take months, if not years

Marketing can take as long. You have to build up all your connections through networking, making friends, getting to know those in your field. Then you need to come up with…

A Plan…

  • What avenues are you going to approach? Social media? <- Which one(s)?  Newsletters? Newspapers, TV, Radio? Blog?
    With each different avenue, there will be a different way to approach. Social media is easy and usually free. Local newspapers, TV stations, and radio are great to reach a different audience, but normally you can’t do this consistently enough unless you get a normal gig to fill a niche. Blogging can be great. You can host your own blog or guest blog on others. Either way, you need to be consistent with postings.
  • When will you post or approach?
    Each of these will determine how much you can make contact. I try not to over do my marketing. I have one post a day scheduled Twitter and Facebook. Only one. BUT I may talk about my books or services more often when it comes up organically in a conversations. I blog here twice a week. I have found (and read) that by blogging at least twice a week will help your SEO. It also creates consistency when you have a schedule and stick to it. For instance one week I post Monday (marketing) and Wednesday (website). The next week I post Tuesday (tips) and Thursday (thoughts). Does this change from time to time… yes, BUT for the most part it stays the same. Newsletters can be done differently. I’ve seen people post weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and quarterly.
  • How will you generate interest?
    Ask questions. Challenge people to do something. Create a normal circumstance for conversation to happen (either on the blog or else where). Remind people to RT, share, and comment. Give them easy access buttons on your blog/newsletter to spread across social media. Comment and share other peoples blogs, posts, successes, and so on. When you help get the word out about people, people tend to want to do the same for you. A lot of my posts and tweets are about other people and articles that I like. It not only help promote others, but it can inform people about your interests and if they line up with what they want to know.
  • Be consistent. No matter what, do this. Create a look and use it across everything you do. I revised my look for 2016. Did you notice? Anything that I’m working with on my marketing will have the same look… blog, twitter, newsletter…

There is a lot to do. Like I was talking about on my time management post, make a plan and stick to it. It will take time, but little by little you can build up a following, make friends, and network with those in your industry. This doesn’t happen overnight. I started in 2014 with the sole purpose of building my platform and separating myself from someone else with my name (who is also on best selling lists). It was a challenge, but within six months I saw a difference when I searched for myself.  Depending on what (or who) you are against, you may see a difference a lot quicker than me.

The thing is, you have got to get out there and get to doing it!


How do you market?
Do you have a plan to go by?
How do you reach out to others?

Until next time,

Happy Writing!

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  1. I am working to help other authors and illustrators on twitter by using the hashtag #WhoAreYouCheeringFor. I accompany this with their twitter name, a link to one of their works, and a picture of that work. Join the fun and cheer for authors and illustrators you love!

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