Marketing… Going Out On a Limb


Going Out On a Limb

Getting our name out there is probably one of the hardest things you face as a small business. There are bigger entities out there, who have been in business longer, have more resources, and have their brand everywhere. So what can you do to compete? Well there are several things, really…

  1. Meet others in your industry.
    Talk to people. Get to know them as people, not just another person who writes what you write, draws like you draw, knows so-and-so, or works with such-and-such. While getting to know other people, they will get to know you. Slowly, you build up a network and share helpful tips and encourage each other.
  2. Talk to locals.
    Get to know the people who live in your community. There will be people who honestly wants to know you, what you do, and how you do it. You will find people who will want to support you. You will also find people who could care less too.
  3. Check out websites and blogs.
    See what others are doing. Leave a positive comment. If it’s a product, leave a review (hopefully positive). Tell others about what interests you. Share the knowledge kind of thing.
  4. Think outside of the box.
    Wonder “What If…” with your marketing. What if I approached honey dealers with my book about bees. Or What If I team up with the local bakery for birthday gift baskets? What If…

While doing all this, people will begin to ‘see’ you. Maybe follow you online. Maybe check out your products and services. Maybe leave comments on your blog. Maybe, just maybe, start talking about you to others.

I try to do these things. Meeting other writers, talking about other endeavors that could be explored. Reading blogs, commenting, and sharing content. I don’t only read writer and illustrators blogs… I read agent and editor blogs, book reviewer blogs, librarian blogs, mom blogs, and on and on. Do I comment on all of them. No. Do I share all of them. No. But I subscribe to a lot of these for email updates. I take time every day to read posts and share the ones that I really like.

I can see a difference in the traffic to this blog and my website. Hopefully they will spill over to sales, book signings, parties, and school visits.

What things do you do to go out on a limb?
Do you talk to people who work closely with your industry?
Do you venture out and try out several things? Like what?
Or do you stick to tried and true things? What are they?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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2 thoughts on “Marketing… Going Out On a Limb

  1. Yep, Tracey, you’re wonderful at reaching out to people and making connections. But more importantly, you reach out in such a sincere and lovely way! Marketing is part of the business of writing, it’s true, but you always make your connections feel personal, not like it’s just business. And that’s the best marketing of all!

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