REBLOG: 5 Common Mistakes That Even Longtime Bloggers Make


5 Common Mistakes That Even Longtime Bloggers Make

“Several times per month, I consult with authors looking for an evaluation of their online presence and often that includes their blog content. Sometimes they’re wondering why they don’t have more traffic, or they ask if they should continue the effort at all.

Given the time and energy that’s involved in meaningful blogging, it’s an important question. Here are five things that I often discover when I evaluate authors’ blogging efforts.”

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* Happy 4th of July *


~ Happy 4th of July ~

I wanted to take the time to wish you all in the United States a happy and safe 4th of July!


I kFourth_of_July-71_bignow many of us are traveling, spending time with family, grilling out, watching fireworks, and enjoying the day. I know I’ll be doing a few of these. 😀 I wanted t
o take the time to say thank you though. THANK YOU to those who are out there fighting for our freedom. THANK YOU to the ones who have served. THANK YOU to the families who have lost loved ones and have paid the ultimate sacrifice. THANK YOU to all of our military families who may not have their loved ones close on our Nation’s Birthday.

While you are celebrating today, please be considerate of the veterans who are suffering from PTSD. Many who come back from war never truly leave it all behind.

Also, watch your animals. Make sure they are safe and secured, as the loud noises may startle them too.

Have a wonderful day all!