REBLOG: The Kidlit Conference Curse: FOMO


The Kidlit Conference Curse: FOMO

“Before I recap the SCBWI conferences I’ve attended the last two months, there’s a pressing topic that requires outing…a little quirk I have witnessed at every kidlit conference from the dawn of time (or, in my case, since 2008).


Maybe you don’t have a teen in your household and you’re shrugging right now. What the heck is FOMO?

Well, let’s describe the scene.”

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7 Reasons WHY You Should Attend a Conference

7ReasonsWhyYouShouldAttendaConference7 Reasons WHY You Should
Attend a Conference

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about people going to conferences lately.  😉 There are some really great ones out there. Of course there are some ho-hum ones too. So why should you give it a go? I decided to sit down and list my reasons for attending conferences…

  1.   My tribe!!!
    Yes, this is my first reasoning. This is where I have found that I fit in. That I belong. These people “GET” me! They know the struggles. They can offer insight. They can sympathize with me and give me a good swift kick to help me continue on.
  2. brain   Gain knowledge
    The sessions you attend are wonderful. Most conferences offer different sessions at the same time. This way you can pick and choose according to your experience level and needs.
  3.   Make connections
    There are editors, art directors, agents, and professionals who present during these sessions. What better way can you think of to get your foot in the door than a one-on-one contact?
  4. network-md   Network
    Here you will meet other writers, illustrators, bloggers, marketers, and on and on. These may be the people who help spread your word around when the time comes. These are also the ones that you don’t mind sharing about. They have interesting things to say and can help others on their way.
  5.   Gain confidence
    Attending a conference is a great shot in the arm. You feel more secure in yourself. You are inspired to take on your current project or a new one. You may even find that you were able to help someone out. Or perhaps someone helped you over a hurdle.
  6. Present
    If you have enough experience, you can offer to present at a conference too. This is a great way to get your name out. You can also offer your services. There are people who know how to write a query well, or critque, or maybe how to market.  😉
  7.   Book sales
    Conferences offer the opportunity for their attendees to have their books available for purchase during the event. Some will even host a “signing hour”. There may be some stipulations though. Always check with the guidelines.

There are many, many more reasons.  😀   These are the ones that really stuck out to me.

What’s yours?

What conferences have you attended lately
What are some other reasons why you attend?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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