And then LIFE happens…

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the absence over the past few weeks. The Hubs had surgery almost 2 weeks ago and is doing great post-op. 🙂

Then last Monday I had some unexpected news for myself.

I’ve been going through some medical problems the last few months. I normally have low blood pressure problems, but lately my bp has decided to be on the high average reading and my heart was constantly racing. We’re not sure how long it’s been acting this way, but for at least 3 months I was over 100 bpm. Doc put me on some meds and I began having tests run. They ran an ekg, complete blood work, thyroid checked, and chest x-ray. Good news is everything is looking great! The only thing they could find was my bad cholesterol was slightly high and my white blood count was elevated. Nothing to affect my heart. I was sent to my ENT since my allergies have been horrible for about 6 months. Thinking that maybe my allergies were causing the white blood count to be up

My ENT decided to run additional tests and last Monday I had an allergy test and a CT scan of my head done. I found out I’m allergic to everything under the Georgia sun. Seriously! If it grows in South Georgia, I’m allergic to it. I will be starting allergy shots soon. The doctor said it will take 6-9 months for my system to be straightened out. Wow! Yes, I’m “highly” allergic. The CT scan results were next…

Some of you know I’m partially deaf in my right ear. I had ear infections since I was 18 months old. When I was 8, I was referred to an ENT who realized I had a disease in my ear, which was destroying the bone and my hearing. I had major surgery on my ear. The doctor had to remove a lot of my mastoid bone and all of my front ear canal. He also scraped out my ear canal, took out the hearing organs, scraped off the disease from those, and reattached them. He managed to get all of the disease out, but could not restore my hearing. *There was too much damage.*

So Monday, my ENT gave me the news of two things from the CT scan.
1) I have a bone spur in my nose, which is pushing my sinuses to the side, causing blockage, and making my allergies worse. This explains my headaches, because of the pressure the bone spur has caused.
2) The disease I  had as a child has come back. I was devastated. Still am. To know you are walking around with a time bomb in your head will take your breath away and make you take pause. If left untreated, this disease will eat through the bones in the ear canal and get into the brain, which will create infection that will kill you. Not to mention destroy more hearing and has the potential for facial paralysis. *I’ve had constant pain for over 2 years in this ear, but thought it was because of my ear drum rupturing several times. And yes, I’ve noticed more hearing loss in the past year. 😦  *

I will be having surgery August 29th to remove the disease from my ear canal, and to have the bone spur removed from my nose. The doctors are not sure if this is part of my heart problem or not. So that is still a mystery. AND I have at least one more additional test to go through. Not sure if more tests are to follow.

Thoughts, prayers, healing vibes, and good mojo will be greatly appreciated.  🙂

I’ve said all that to say this:

We are not guaranteed a certain number of days. Do something you love. If you love to draw. Draw! If you love to sing. Sing! If you love to write. Write! If you love to run. Run! Choose your battles. Don’t sweat the small things.

Enjoy life.
Be kind.
Make the most of EVERY day.

Til next time…


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