Life Continues…

Hello everyone.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me the past few months. It’s been a wild roller coaster of a ride with both ups and downs and a few corkscrews thrown in for good measure.

Surgery was on then put off, then put back on again. The doctors weren’t sure what all was going on with my ear. They decided to proceed with my nose surgery on August 29th and then figure out what was going on with my ear. *I was not a happy camper, folks. Nerp!* BUT the morning of my nose surgery, they did one more ct scan of my head. When I went back to prepare for surgery, they had me sign a consent form for my ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The doctor came in before hand to check on me and confirmed he would do both surgeries. I was so thrilled! I hate being put to sleep. So one surgery for both was the best outcome for me.  🙂


Doc said I did great. He told me that once they got to my ear they found NO DISEASE! ~NONE~ What they saw on the ct scan was scar tissue that had built up from my surgery when I was eight years old. *THANK YOU!!!*

I was home by lunch time. I took my meds like a good patient. That night, I had The Hubs read my instructions on when I could take the cotton out of my ear. It was starting to itch, because it had been in all day. When I took it out something amazing happened…


Not muffled sounds, but sounds sounds. We had to turn the air conditioner off and the TV down! It was amazing! I can’t ever remember being able to really hear out of my right ear. I had to hold back tears because my nose was already stuffy from the operation. But boy peeps, I still tear up thinking about that moment. It was like watching the vidoes of those who get to hear the first time. The Hubs said I looked astonished and literally ducked down because of the noise.

Two weeks ago I went for a hearing test to see how my ear was doing. IT WAS NORMAL! Low-Normal, but still in the Normal range. They said there were decibels I couldn’t hear, that those were lost forever, but on the whole it was a normal reading. I have been hugging everyone in the office. The doc was thrilled. They had told me I might wake up and not have any hearing. They never expected these results.

So now I’m getting use to the noise… STILL. So if you see me out and about and I’m really still and smiling weirdly, chances are I’m trying not to freak out on the noise. Be patient with me folks. I’ll get better, I promise.

So again, I say THANK YOU. Thank you for reaching out to me. Letting me know I’m not alone. Giving me support like you will never know.

Thank you!



8 thoughts on “Life Continues…

  1. This is SO wonderful! I am thrilled for you. I can imagine that you’d be ducking with all that sound coming at you. What an amazing, thrilling result of the surgery. (I have no hearing in my right ear — I can’t fathom what it’s like to hear in stereo, but I think it would be overwhelming at first.) YAY YOU! And all the best as you get used to the Wonderful World of Sound in BOTH EARS!!!

  2. Beth, Thank you. 🙂 Exactly! You know how I feel. It’s very interesting. Music is even more wonderful! And I’m having to learn to judge my own signing again. Lots to learn & get use to.

  3. Glad to hear all this, Tracey. I’m glad you’re enjoying the things that most of us take for granted because we’ve never been without. Listen to the music!

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