#BLTBF meet Beth Hallman!


#BLTBF meet…
Beth Hallman!

It’s Fall ‘all! And that means it time for the Books Love & Taters Book Festival! This will be the 5th Annual Books Love & Taters Book Festival and we are super excited! Not only is it a great birthday, we are getting bigger! This year the #BLTBF will feature TEN AUTHORS. Most from South Georgia! What better way to support and meet your local authors?

Today I want to introduce you to…



Outwardly, Beth Hallman is an unassuming band director’s wife. After years and years of trying to fit in and make everybody love her, she knows she’s dying inside. Self hatred eats away all the food she crams into her body. Then, Beth has this awakening, a metaphorical come to Jesus meeting, only with oatmeal pies and her dead grandmother while wheeling through the brightly lit halls of a cardiac unit. No heart attack happens, but Beth gets a chance to start her healing. While writing out loud on the internet as One Fabulous Mama, she discovers her voice, rocks some boats, gets some tattoos, and somewhere along the way, she decides she’s going to try to love herself just as she is. Beth decides she’s going to try to love everybody else that way, too.

Beth has built a loyal audience of thousands over the past five years. She continues to grow that audience by honestly sharing her life. Her readers laugh and cry along with her, because Beth’s writing style draws them in and they become friends. Often times lighting a fire for personal change and empowerment in others, she doesn’t hold back when it comes to her own shortcomings. It’s all a part of the journey she willingly shares. Beth inspires and entertains with her tales of being a fat, fabulous, mentally ill wife and mother, living in a small, rural south Georgia town.

Check out Beth’s book…



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Please visit our authors website and pages. Like and follow them! Let them know what you think of their work. Feel free to comment and share their content. Show them some social media love!  🙂


Keep coming back! I will be hosting each author for the next 7 days! Don’t forget to come to Ocilla, Georgia on October 29th. We will have the Georgia Sweet Potato Festival going. Within the Arts & Crafts vendors you will find the 5th Annual Books Love & Taters Book Festival! Stop by our booth. Say hello. Ask your questions. Buy some books. Don’t forget to get them autographed! And as always Have Fun Reading!

Until next time…

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